Made for a black girl, by a black girl. 

Trey’s been referred to as Oprah’s little sister. She’s the real deal! She’s not afraid to tell it like it is. She’ll give you the pep talk that you need and won’t lie to you. She’s determined to let you see that you have the power to get your ass back in this game of life on your own terms! 

Black Girl In Love (With Herself) is Trey’s lifestyle brand which has launched touring theatrical shows, merchandise, workshops, and retreats as well as the first planner/organizer created specifically for professional black women.

“This is what we’re not going to do.”

- trey anthony

I’m a black girl, trying to navigate a world that doesn’t truly see me... How can you love yourself when the mainstream media barely acknowledges your existence? 

Released in January 2021 by Hay House Publishing, Trey’s book, Black Girl In Love (With Herself), is a deeply personal reflection on Trey’s journey and how she learned to tweak — ok… damn well nearly reinvent the self-care message to fit a black girl like herself. 

Black Girl In Love (With Herself) will have you laughing and crying! Black girls around the world will be reimaging and reinventing their lives in order to push past these demands and truly come into their own on their own terms. 

By sharing stories from her own life and years of intense therapy (Yes, black women, despite what our mothers tell us, we should go to therapy!), she explains how black mothers and grandmothers unwittingly create an unhealthy dynamic by encouraging their daughters to be “strong” black girls who therefore don’t know how to rest or practice self-love.

Trey shares how she was able to take off her Superwoman cape and let go of the need to please everyone. In turn, she gives black girls around the world a personalized and practical “keeping it real” to-do list to become a black girl in love (with herself).

Black Girl In Love 

- trey anthony

the book

with Herself

january 2021

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Speak the unspeakable tings. Black Girl in Love. Finally, someone is going to talk about it!

An uncensored night of true sisterhood and support as we tackle the “taboo” topics of miscarriage, infertility, fibroids and of course, black women and therapy. We will also delve right in and ask the forbidden questions around motherhood, such as, “Do you regret having kids? Are you a good mom? And what do you do when the one glass of wine isn't enough to deal with your life?” We will have a resourceful, fun, engaging expert panelist and real moms sharing their lives.

The night promises to have you exhaling, laughing, and begging for more.

Black Girl in Love (with herself): Speaking the Unspeakable Tings 

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Past Black Girl In Love (With Herself) Shows

- part 2 (2019)

The visionary and hilarious Trey Anthony returns to Harbourfront Centre for the second installment of Kuumba 2018’s A Black Girl In Love (With Herself). Focusing on black women and our relationships with our mothers and ourselves, this interactive night of discussion will explore lessons we learned from our mothers, infertility, choosing not to have children, and how we balance work, love, and motherhood. 

Featuring a screening of the short documentary film How Black Mothers Say I Love You, the evening promises to have you exhaling, laughing, crying and yelling, “yes girl!”

OH NO! I’m becoming my Mother and other fears of black women

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Past Black Girl In Love (With Herself) Shows


The visionary and hilarious Trey Anthony returns to Toronto for an intimate and uplifting night of honest girl talk.

Focusing on love, relationships and family, this interactive and participatory show will have you laughing, crying and yelling “you go girl!”

Featuring special guest Andrea Bain from CBC's The Goods and author of Single Girl Problems. Trey and Andrea will spill the tea on what love and relationships are looking like for 2018!

Trey Anthony presents A Black Girl in Love with Herself

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Past Black Girl In Love (With Herself) Shows

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